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Our results-driven Retinaldehyde Serum with iconic A is an ultimate anti-aging serum effective for cell repair and health. It is very rich in vitamin A (retinaldehyde) and vitamin B (niacinamide) which highly condition the cell membrane to encourage cellular respiration.  


That enhances nutrition to flow into the cell and helps cellular waste escape.  It also contains potential levels of SymWhite and Bisabolol which soothes the skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. 


This retinaldehyde serum has proven to be effective for all skin types, it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Iconic (Vitamin A) significantly improves skin radiance, brightness, smoothness, fine lines, photodamage, and overall skin tone. 


What does retinaldehyde serum do?


The retinaldehyde serum contains different ingredients which help the skin in a number of ways such as:


  • Effectively treats skin cell health.

  • Brightens and tones the skin tissue.

  • Limiting trans epidermal water loss.

  • Contains antioxidants effective in brightening the skin. 

  • Enhances fibroblast activity and lessens the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Contains vitamins that nourish the skin and assist in boosting collagen.


Retinaldehyde Serum with IconicA

  • Below are some recommended tips on how to use the Retinaldehyde Serum with IconicA.


    • Apply in the evening after cleansing and toning.

    • Apply moisturizer on top.

    • Always use SPF 30 at the minimum when using this product


  • The retinaldehyde serum with IconicA is made up of different potential ingredients that benefit your skin, here are they:


    • IconicA (Retinal/Retinaldehyde) 2.5% allows for permeability of the cell to allow nutrition to flow in and cellular waste to escape the cell, this leads to healthy, soft cells with an even skin tone. 


    • Bisabolol (L-Alpha) this ingredients act as an inflammatory,  reduces sensitivity, promotes wound healing, and alleviates heat while soothing skin irritation. 


    • SymWhite TM (Phenylethyl Resorcinol) is packed with antioxidants that contain potent levels of tyrosinase inhibition, very efficient in skin brightening. 


    • Carnitine (L) this component increases skin turnover and limits trans epidermal water loss it also transports essential fatty acids into mitochondria for energy production.


    • Niacinamide (5%) contains Vitamin B3 which addresses many skin disorders due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  It also treats the mitochondria (energy source) of the cell to repair DNA damage from the sun. 

    If you have not tried this excellent Retinaldehyde Serum, the time is now. Quit sitting on the sidelines, grab yours and see how it will soothe your skin. 


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